Because the food we share matters.

Our tables are where we come together as family and friends, to nourish our bodies and nourish our souls. With this in mind, we believe that the food we share matters. From a multi-generational farm in Central Illinois, Harvest Table Foods supports wholesome lifestyles by bringing a broad range of all natural products to your table – from our family to yours.

From our farm to your table.

From our selection of all-natural meats to fresh, seasonal produce, we specialize in bringing you wholesome, farm-raised foods that you can confidently serve in your home. Non-GMO, steroid-free, grass fed and free range, Harvest Table Foods is committed to a tradition of providing you with healthy options that are good to eat and good for you.

Responsibly raised, from farm to plate.

We feel a deep responsibility for our animals, an obligation to treat them with dignity and appreciation. From their arrival on our family farm, to how we raise and care for them, we approach each animal with an appreciation for their role in our lives. We’re committed to raising them naturally and humanely, focused on integrity and tradition in all we do.

No hormones. No antibiotics.
Naturally raised, like nature intended.

Bring the best home to your family.
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