From our family to yours…

“Family farm” is more than just a term we use to describe ourselves – around here from parents to children, family
means everything to us. Farmer owned and operated, with years of experience raising our livestock and caring for
our land, you can trust our family to take care of yours.

Shared Values

You care about the food you bring home to your family. You value variety and freedom; the opportunity to bring
home wholesome, farm-raised food options to your family. Options that are all-natural, high-quality, and still
affordable. We understand you because we value the same things. That’s why we’re involved in every step of
delivering healthy options from our farm to your table, from the source to your plate.

All-Natural and Ethically-Raised

GMO Free

Antibiotic Free

Hormone Free

It’s more than food.

It’s a commitment to our customers, to our animals, and to our land. It’s a responsibility to be good stewards of our
livestock and our soil. It’s tradition, a devotion to the time-tested methods that we grew up with. It’s hard work,
hours spent in the fresh air and sunshine, generations working side by side.

Thank You…

From our farm to your table, our relationship with you means everything. Thank you for trusting us and inviting us
into your home, and for including our high-quality meats and seasonal produce in your meals. As you serve Harvest
Table Foods to your family and friends, we hope that our wholesome farm-raised products become a
cornerstone of your mealtime experience.

Bring the best home to your family.
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